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Basal Implant

Basal implants are single piece implants in which the teeth connecting component of an implant is pre-fused to the implant body, this is also called a single piece implant. Before having a brief view of this implant let us know what are the types of bone present in our body.

here are two types of bone that help in implantation, one is hard or basal cortical bone another is soft or cancellous bone. Conventional implant( two-piece implant) uses this cancellous bone for implantation and basal implant ( single piece implant) uses basal cortical bone for implantation.

Basal bones are the strongest bones in our body the implant uses this bone for rigid fixation and gets anchored to the bone.

How long will it take to replace a using basal implant?

Usually, teeth will be replaced within 24 hrs to 3 days to fix the teeth on a basal implant.

What is the duration of teeth fixing In all on 4?

Usually, the duration of teeth fixing in all on 4 techniques will be just 74 hours, but the duration may increase depending on the bone quality of individuals.

Is all on 4 technique is suitable for all?

Yes, but the more the implant more the stability of the denture. All on 4 technique was discovered for patients with a severe bone loss on the back region of the jaw. If your doctor finds the quality of bone is good in the back region of the jaw then he can place six implants(all on 6) for fixing a denture. If there is severe bone loss in the front and back region then the doctor advises you for Zygoma implants.

Are bone grafting and additional procedures are required for this technique?

What type of teeth is used in all on 4 implants?

Usually, teeth will be replaced within 24 hrs to 3 days to fix the teeth on a basal implant.

Can single teeth be replaced with a single basal implant?

Mostly yes, but when replacing a single molar it will take the support of two implants.

Will it be painful?

No, the procedure is done under local anesthesia so there will not be any pain during and after placement.

Do special procedures like sinus lifting and bone grafting required for placement of basal implants?

No, in fact, basal implants are discovered to avoid those procedures.

How many implants required placing a full mouth with a basal implant?

Not like conventional implants, these implant procedures for full mouth rehab will take approximately ten implants in the upper jaw and eight implants in the lower jaw. The implant teeth can be fixed in 74hrs. The teeth are not upgradable.

Cost of basal implants?

Cost of the basal implant – $2400 per arch

Advantage of basal implants