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5 Tips for Maintenance of Dental Implant

Maintenance and Patient care:

Maintenance includes updating the Patients’ Medical and Dental conditions, Reviewing Patient Oral Hygiene, and Imaging of the Implant with the help of X-Ray and Gum Health.


  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristle Toothbrush with mild strokes. Take your time to brush your teeth.
  • Take up to 2-4mins with a slow speed of brushing.
  • Dentist recommended #1 Brand ORAL -B PRO 2000 it is an Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush easier and effective way of Cleaning and Brushing your Teeth and Prosthesis. Oral hygiene maintenance plays an important role in maintaining your oral cavity.
  • Recommended for all age groups.


  • Flossing is a very important part of our daily oral hygiene routine whether you have an implant or not. It is a thin thread-like material that is used to clean in the food particles in-between the teeth it is passed and pulled in and out to remove the accumulated food.

Use of Mouth rinse:

  • Accumulation of bacteria can result in Improper maintenance of Oral Hygiene resulting in Bleeding of Gums around the Implant which results in bone loss that is an important factor that results in Weakening of Implant.
  • Usage of Antimicrobial mouth rinses chlorhexidinegluconate or Listerine Effective means for maintaining Oral care
  • Usage of MOUTHRINSE helps you to flush out all the particles in your mouth helps to maintain the Implant. Take a Given quantity in the product and pour it in the Measuring Cup given Rinse for 30 seconds to 1 minute and Spit it out.

Use of Low – Abrasive Toothpaste:

  • The word Abrasive means that scraping away from the surface. In all Toothpaste, they will be adding abrasive material for polishing of teeth. No toothpaste is truly Non -abrasive.
  • All types of Toothpaste are Abrasive to Some degree for you Dentist recommended low abrasive toothpaste cause it may erode the Artificial crown.

Use of Interdentally Toothbrush:

  • It is a small modified type of Toothbrush it can use where our Toothbrush unable to reach which is used to clean in between the teeth and Implant.

Use of Oral Irrigator:

This is an advanced method for the maintenance of Oral Hygiene mainly it is very useful for Implant patients.

  • It is a Dental home care device that uses High pressure pulsating steady stream of water for removing food particles where the tooth brush can’t able to reach and it is very useful in Implant maintenance helps to remove underlying particles. It is having a tip that is attached to the household water supply and can be used.
  • Use dentist recommended Oral Irrigator.


Daily self Care and Maintenance of Recall schedule are required for Long term success of the Implant This is Best discussed and conveyed to you at the Consultation Time By your Dentist.Long Term success of the Implant Depends on the effective partnership with you and your Dentist.



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