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All on 4

All on 4 dental implants is a technique of implant placement that holds the full denture (complete set of teeth). In this technique, four implants are placed in each arch that has no teeth. These four implants are placed in a slanting position to increase the anchorage.

How slanting implants produce more anchorage?

Usually, implants have their anchorage by two methods, one is mechanical and the next is biomechanical.

When an implant is placed in a crossed position the implant holds the bone like an anchor to the soil, this is mechanical and tight contact to the bone forms the primary stability, the bone starts fusing to the implant in the later period, the bone grows and penetrates into the micro-pores of the implant which is called as osseointegration, this cause secondary stability.

What is the duration of teeth fixing In all on 4?

Usually, the duration of teeth fixing in all on 4 techniques will be just 74 hours, but the duration may increase depending on the bone quality of individuals.

Is all on 4 technique is suitable for all?

Yes, but the more the implant more the stability of the denture. All on 4 technique was discovered for patients with a severe bone loss on the back region of the jaw. If your doctor finds the quality of bone is good in the back region of the jaw then he can place six implants(all on 6) for fixing a denture. If there is severe bone loss in the front and back region then the doctor advises you for Zygoma implants.

Are bone grafting and additional procedures are required for this technique?

What type of teeth is used in all on 4 implants?

Usually, the hybrid denture is placed initially (acrylic teeth), this is advisable because the denture is rigid and very low in weight.

Can I upgrade my teeth in the future and what is type of teeth can I place?

Yes you can upgrade your teeth in the future and you can place ceramic or zirconia teeth of your convenience and this is not a must.

What is the average cost of all on 4?

Again the cost of dental implants depends on the dental implant brands and the cost of the implant is a little higher than the normal implant placed for single teeth, this is because of additional components used to withhold the entire denture in this procedure.

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Dental Implant Cost (in USD) including acrylic teeth
Nobel Biocare $2400/ per jaw
Dentium $2000/ per jaw
Dionavi $2100/ per jaw