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What are pterygoid implants?

Pterygoid implants are long telescopic implants placed on the posterior(back) region of the maxillary jaw, SDC is one of the Best Pterygoid Implant Placement Clinic In Chennai, India. These implants are used for severe atrophic maxilla bone with minimal surgical work and maximum functional teeth.

Usually, single molar teeth are enough to have a good oral function but when it comes to aesthetics, a smile is more important. An increased number of teeth may be required to have a good aesthetic smile for patients with maximum buccal corridor show. This implant gives perfect support to the most posterior teeth if the number of teeth is increased.

How are Tubero-pterygoid implants placed?

In SDC, (the Best Pterygoid Implant Placement Clinic In Chennai, India) is placed in a mesio-cranial direction approaching the maxillary tuberosity to the pterygoid plate. The implant only serves as a distal abutment or telescopic support for the implant prosthesis.

Yes you can upgrade your teeth in the future and you can place ceramic or zirconia teeth of your convenience and this is not a must.