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What is the sinus?

A sinus is an empty space present in your skull. They do not contain any solid or liquid matter generally and it has 15ml of air space without any resorption.

What is the function of the sinus?

  • Lightens the skull.
  • Improves voice resonance.
  • Production of mucus for the nose, which gives protection from dust, microorganisms, etc.
  • Serves as a shock absorber during trauma.
  • It accommodates growth.

What is the sinus involved in dentistry?

enerally, the maxillary sinus is involved in implant dentistry they are present right on top of the first and second molar. When either or both the teeth have extracted the bone surrounding it will start resorbing, this will, in turn, thin the bone above maxillary teeth.

This resorption reduces bone height practically making it impossible to place an implant.

What is Maxillary sinus lifting surgery?

  • Maxillary Sinus lifting is a simple procedure to gain space to place an implant in the maxillary molar region. Sinus lifting can be done in two ways:
  • direst sinus lifting and indirect sinus lifting are otherwise known as internal sinus lifting and external sinus lifting.
  • These are the common types of sinus liftings.

What is Indirect sinus lifting?

Indirect sinus lifting is otherwise known as internal sinus lifting, this is done when minimal sinus space is required to place an implant.

Indirect sinus lifting is done by simply tapping with a sinus lifting instrument known as an osteotome.

The sinus space can be left alone with an implant or filled with bone graft and implant.

What is Direct sinus lifting?

Direct sinus lifting is otherwise known as external sinus lifting, this is done when more space is required to place an implant.

The sinus lifting is performed by creating a window on the lateral wall of the cheekbone and placing a bone graft into the sinus. This is also called open sinus lifting.

The space gained must be filled with bone graft and membrane to produce a new bone in the gained space.

What is the sinus lifting cost in India?

The cost of sinus lifting in Chennai, India will differ from the type of sinus lifting required. Sinus lifting involves with or without collagen membrane and bone graft.

How many days required from the sinus lifting procedure?

The sinus lifting procedure is a simple procedure and no rest is required after the procedure, the procedure is done under local anesthesia and you will recover on the same day.

Although it is a simple procedure, good maintenance is required post-operative to avoid complications and you must have your medicines prescribed by your dentist regularly for the next three days.