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Dental Implants

Dental Implant is well built solid titanium posts that aid in replacing missing teeth to restore the normal appearance and function of the teeth. We, here at SDC, provide the best dental implants clinic in Chennai.


  • Replace a single missing tooth: It replaces one of your missing teeth along with its root using a hard fit implant to the jaw bone and a dental crown or cap.
  • Multiple implants: this is to replace two or more missing teeth with implants as a base. In this, we will use dental implants as a bridge to replace the missing teeth.
  • full mouth dental implants: total reconstruction of teeth either in one jaw completely or both the jaw completely using dental implants as a base.


  • Simulate your natural look
  • There are no food restrictions
  • Confident personality
  • Beautiful smile
  • No speech abnormalities
  • Less chairside time
  • The procedure can be done when you are conscious
  • Long life


Implant procedure as such is nowadays a very common procedure and it can be done in almost all the patients. However, before the start of the procedure, your dentist will ask you to get an OPG/CBCT (depending on the patient) so that your bone quality can be evaluated to plan the type of implant to be placed.

Implants can be placed in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, and other common medical histories provided you are under the right medication and the condition is under control.

Inform your dentist about any habits like smoking, alcohol, vaping, or any other form of taking tobacco. This is important because smoking has a major role in the failure of the implants.


Before planning the surgical part of placing an implant, you will undergo regular check-up for blood pressure, sugar levels, and your pulse rate. If the values are under normal range, you are fit to undergo the procedure.

If you’re a smoker, then you are advised to stop smoking at least one week before the procedure as it may hinder with the healing of dental implants

Special care is taken for patients with cardiac history and other medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy (fits).

After the procedure, you are given certain instructions by your dentists which when followed properly will help in faster and better healing of the surgical wounds. Some of the common things to follow are:

  • Not to spit forcefully for at least 24 hours.
  • Avoid hard, hot, and spicy foods for 3-4 days.
  • Avoid brushing forcefully in the implant region.
  • If you are a smoker, then you will be advised not to smoke for 2-3 weeks.


When compared to conventional methods of replacing teeth like dentures and bridges, implant appears to be expensive. But, in the long run, they are worth your money as they don’t have to be replaced often since they have a very high success rate.


There is no such age considered as the right age for implants. If your bone growth is complete, then you can opt implant as your choice of replacing your missing teeth. Usually, implants can be placed in all the patients above 18 years of age.

Average price of dental implant

The price of the best dental implant can vary according to the site of implant placement, the material of the implant, the number of implants to be placed, and the brand of the implant. The average cost of one tooth dental implant which is made up of titanium alloy is not less than $250 (as of 2019).

Why the cost of implant varies according to the site of implant placement?

The implant cost will depend on the site of placement (that is the bone quality), bone with minimal quality may require more number of implants than usual to increase the anchorage and in upper jaw when the height of the bone is very low you may be advised to have a zygoma implant (lengthier implant), which takes support from your cheek bone.

What are the types of implants and its cost?

The material also gives variation in dental implant cost, usually, the implant is made up of grade 5 titanium alloy which is not a corrosive material and the strength of the titanium is comparatively greater. Zirconia implants which are equally stable and strength will have more aesthetic and cost more than titanium implant.

Will increased number of implant, will cost extra?

Yes, the Average cost of denture implant will also depend on the numbers of implant used to withstand the dentures. The least number of implants used to hold a complete denture is four or six. This procedure is also known as all on 4 or all on 6 respectively.

What are the top brands of dental implants and what’s its cost?

The brands of dental implants also may cause variation in the average price of dental implants. The few leading brands in dental implants are Nobel Biocare, Dentium, Straumann, Osstem, Dio implants, Megagen implants. The price list of these implants in Senthil Dental Care is given bellow,

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Brand of Dental Implant Cost of dental implant per implant (in USD)
Nobel Biocare $570
Straumann $420
Dio (digital implant) $420
Dentium $400
Osstem $400
Megagen $350
Adin $250

FAQ on Dental Implants

When an implant is placed there are two types of stability which hold the implant to the bone, one is primary stability and another is secondary stability.

The primary stability is when an implant is first placed into the bone the friction between the bone and the implant stabilizes the implant in its position this is called primary stability. This friction can be from 45ncm to infinity.

The secondary stability is gained by Osseo-integration.

Osseo-integration, when an implant is placed into the bone, the bone grows into the microporosity in the implant and has a firm grip over the implant this is called osseointegration.

When either one of the stability is strong the dental crown is placed on the implant.

When primary stability is high the crown can be given immediately on the dental implant, This is called immediate loading of the crown.

When primary stability is low, you must wait for at least 3 months for osseointegration and acquire secondary stability and place a dental crown over the implant. this is called delayed loading

The implant is done painlessly with local anesthesia. Nowadays dentistry has become painless and even a child can have his/her dental procedures with a smiling face.

Still, you have a dental phobia you can also opt for conscious sedation to your dentist.

Implants are made in implant factory under a sterile environment. Dental implants are made with grade V titanium.

Grade V titanium has 6% Aluminium, 4% Vanadium, 0.25% of Iron, and 0.2% of Oxygen. Since the iron is only a trace element in it and its an alloy of titanium you don’t have to worry about corrosion or rusting.

Branded implants do come in a sterile double packaging where it’s safe to place in your jaw right from the pack.

Implants do not fail that easy as they are strongly attached to the bone placed under a proper sterile environment.

There are multiple causes for the failure of dental implants. in this, the most common cause of implant failure is improper maintenance of dental implants by the patient. Approximately 85% of failure is caused by negligence.

Other than that there is implant failure due to excess load on the implant, balanced teeth must be present for chewing if not the bitting load will entirely fall on the particular implant and the implant may fail.

Other clinical problems are:

  • Placing improper implant size
  • Reducing the number of implants
  • Improper sterilization of implant placing instruments
  • Prosthetic screw fracture
  • Peri-implantitis
  • Rarely implant fracture

Dental implants are placed under local anesthesia( anesthesia only for the particular region of surgery).

If the implant placing site is extracted and already healed then the implant will be laced in a key-hole surgical procedure this is called delayed placing.

When an implant is placed immediately after removal of teeth/tooth it’s called immediate placing. The existing damaged teeth/ tooth is removed and implants are placed into that socket and wait for osseointegration.

Dental implants are installed into the bone by a sequence of drills under local anesthesia, do not worry about the drills its totally a painless procedure.

May be or maybe not, once dental implants were a complicated treatment and there were only a few dental implant brands but today there are so many brands and dental implants are getting cheaper (affordable).

When a dental implant brand has its long term data on living human with its success, its cost is comparatively higher than any emerging dental implant brands.

Do not worry the implants brands will be introduced to a general dentist only after several trial and error and research in the laboratory.