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Excited to Watch Movies in Theater

Here are 5 Precautions to Consider!

As the theatres are ready to open, with 50% or 100% capacity and you are excited to watch movies in theatres after almost a year, it is mandatory for us to take precautions for us to be safe from the increasing spread of COVID-19 virus. The following simple habits can help you and your closed ones in reducing the exposure to this pandemic.

  • Cover fully: Get dressed in a way where there is minimal or no skin exposure. For example, full hand shirts or T-shirts, etc. This will prevent the maximum exposure to the COVID 19 virus. Wear shoes or boots that fully cover your feet.
  • Wear Mask: Trying wearing a mask that fully covers the lower half the face. Masks are meant to be worn to cover, particularly the nose and the mouth. Using N95 masks protects you better.
  • Avoid taking kids and elderly: As the elderly are the most vulnerable, it is better to avoid taking them to places where there is risk of high exposure. Kids can make unnecessary contact with contaminated surfaces or individuals. So, it is better not to take them to such crowded places.
  • Avoid contacts: When you are in the theatre, avoid touching the surfaces unnecessarily. Use sanitizer and tissues to clean the seats before sitting. Also, try to avoid the human contacts as much as possible.
  • Avoid cold eatables: Do not buy anything cold like ice creams, cool drinks. Though you may crave for them, they cause more harm than good at this point.

Finally, when you come back home, take a shower and wash the clothes you wore. This simple and easy ways of life can make your theatre experience better and help you stay safe and healthy.

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