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Do you want to brighten your smile lastingly? Visit our expert dentists at Senthil Dental Care and Implant Centre, Chennai’s best smile designing clinic with a well-equipped setup and adept staff. We offer you a wide range of services and veneers are one among them. To know what veneers are and how veneers are made, read our page.

Veneers are quite comparable to natural teeth in terms of maintenance. Veneers, like real teeth, are sturdy, but they have to be taken good care of. Following few tips will help you in better maintenance of your veneers:

  • Avoid chewing on ice or hard objects such as pens, nails, bones, candy which may cause unsightly chips & cracks.
  • Avoid opening things with your teeth as it may lead to the separation of veneers from the teeth.
  • If you are a bruxer, inform your dentist as you will be provided with a guard to protect both your veneers and natural teeth.
  • Avoid chewing gums because any extreme force can potentially cause the veneers to crack or separate from the teeth.
  • Avoid consuming acidic foods as they may lead to cavities in the teeth supporting the veneers thus weakening them.
  • You should also keep your veneers in good shape by brushing twice a day.
  • Flossing once a day.
  • Use mouth rinses twice a day.
  • Visit your dentist for dental examinations twice a year.
  • Your dentist will polish your veneers with a specific paste during your dental consultations and professional teeth cleaning to keep their color.

Now, you have some idea about how to maintain and care for your veneers. These may seem very simple steps to follow but they are highly effective and help in long-lasting veneers. If you have any further queries, contact us. We, with a highly skilled team of doctors and professionals, here in Senthil Dental Care and Implant Center provide you with the best treatment possible to your utmost satisfaction.