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Implant-Supported Prosthesis Types

Senthil dental care Chennai recommends the best oral care treatment plan for you based on the information acquired during your dental evaluation. He’ll also go through every implant-supported prosthesis alternative for your particular tooth problem.

The following are the several types of implant-supported prostheses:

Metal-Acrylic Resin

The most common form of fixed implant prosthesis is metal-acrylic resin. This sort of dental prosthesis produces exceptional, long-lasting, and dependable outcomes.

A metal framework is created and designed to assist keep the acrylic resin that is connected to the implants with metal-acrylic resin. CAD/CAM is used to fabricate precision-fit frames for metal-acrylic resin dental prostheses. This ensures that the prosthesis is comfortable in your mouth.

The abutment sites are screw-retained with a metal-acrylic resin prosthesis. When it comes to repairs and adjustments, this form of the prosthesis is rather simple to recover.


A more prevalent type of dental prosthetic is a metal-ceramic prosthesis. The ceramic substance is quite close to tooth enamel, therefore it improves the appearance of your teeth. The ceramic can be tinted to match the color of the remaining natural teeth.

The metal-ceramic prosthesis is designed to be durable and dependable. This form of dental prosthetic is designed to securely attach to the implant while providing long-lasting porcelain crowns.

The metal framework for metal-ceramic prostheses is created using a CAM method. To assure full-arch perfection, a full-contour wax-up of the framework is cast in a ceramic-metal alloy.


An all-ceramic prosthesis is identical to a metal-ceramic prosthesis only it does not have a metal frame. Instead of metal, the substructure of the all-ceramic dental prosthesis is constructed of ceramic or zirconia. For individuals who have metal allergies, this form of the prosthesis is highly suggested.

MALO Bridge

This is designed by MALO CLINIC experts and exhibits the greatest quality using NobelProceraTM CAD/CAM technology. As a result, we are able to provide you with a fixed solution that is both functional and attractive.

The MALO CLINIC Bridge allows not only for the repair of teeth but also for the rehabilitation of soft tissues – gums and the entire masticatory system. We utilize only the finest quality materials such as titanium, porcelain, or acrylic.

MALO Bridge closely resembles natural teeth, greatly enhances pronunciation and chewing capabilities, and is also simple to clean, so you won’t have any trouble keeping up with proper cleanliness.

The MALO Bridge is worldwide renowned as an ideal fixed denture for rehabilitation toothless people because of its cosmetic attributes and high level of technological innovation.

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