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Trefoil Implant

Trefoil dental implant is an innovative method to replace an entire set of teeth in the lower jaw within a day. Trefoil system uses only three implants and prefabricated titanium bar to replace teeth, Nobel Biocare leading manufacturers in dental implants, and the company that came with All on 4 concepts has once again given us a new method.

How does trefoil dental implant work?

In trefoil dental implants the implant is placed with a prefabricated guide for perfect placement and a titanium bar to stabilize the implant. 

After the implant and bar are placed, an impression and jaw relation is taken,

The impression, jaw relation, and titanium bar are sent to the lab for teeth fabrication and the fabricated teeth are then fixed into the jaw within 3-4hrs.

The teeth are retained to the implant with titanium prosthetic screws.

Who is the right candidate for a trefoil dental implant?

Anyone who has a jaw structure to replace a predetermined implant is the right candidate.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of the trefoil concept is teeth that can be delivered in a day, this also depends on the patient’s comfort. 

–  Very less surgical time,

–  High comfort,

– Fastest teeth delivery.

what is the average cost of a trefoil dental implant in Chennai, India?

Trefoil Implant Cost in Chennai cost approximately $2200 (USD).