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Zygoma Implant

Zygoma implants (also known as long implants, zygomatic implants) are implants that are placed in the upper jaw where there is no bone (bone resorption) to withstand a conventional implant. This type of implants takes support from the cheekbone which is also called zygomatic bone in medical term hence the name Zygoma.

Why does the jaw bone gets resorbed?

When there is a tooth loss, the bone which was previously holding the teeth gets slowly eroded due to loss of function. This resorption is a continuous process until a certain limit (this is why your dentist advises you to replace teeth as soon as possible when extracted).

Can Zygoma implants place in the lower arch?

No, Zygoma is only advisable for the upper arch.

How many Zygoma implants are necessary for full mouth dental?

Usually, two Zygoma implants are enough to place a denture but when there is extreme bone loss four Zygoma implants may be necessary, this is called quad Zygoma.

Is the Zygoma implant safe?

Yes, Zygoma implants are safe unless it’s placed by a trained maxillofacial surgeon.

How long does the Zygoma implant last?

Zygoma implant once placed initially needed attention to avoid secondary infection, once placed is valid for a lifetime.

Is sinus lift necessary for Zygoma implants?

Yes, since the implant crosses the sinus it will be lifted during the procedure but the recent technique involves bypassing the sinus externally.

Is a sinus procedure is a painful procedure?

The surgery will be performed In general anesthesia in an operation theater hence you will not feel the pain.

How Zygoma procedure is done?

How much does Zygoma implant cost?

In our clinic, we only perform Zygoma implant with the Nobel Biocare brand. The cost of the Zygoma implant is a little higher than an average implant that will be $1600 (USD) per Zygoma implant.